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WebEx PCNow gives you access to your PC or Mac regardless of where you are.

From any Internet-connected computer or mobile phone, you can quickly, easily and securely access and control your PC or Mac.

Getting Access
Your remote computer is always accessible from Simply login using your PCNow username and password from any Internet connection, select the PC or Mac that you want to access and click "Connect." That's it.

Offline? No Problem!
What if your remote computer is turned off or not connected to the Internet? Up to 5GB of key files can be securely stored online by PCNow - at no extra charge! You'll always have access to critical files even if your remote computer is unavailable. Share them easily with password protected invitations. Even better, PCNow automatically synchronizes those files, keeping them up to date as you create and modify them.

Using PCNow
PCNow is easy: you'll see your remote computer's desktop as if you were sitting in front of it. Use Keynote® and iPhoto® from your PC. Use Outlook™ and Access™ from your Mac or mobile. Print, save, and share documents. Transfer files. Copy and paste between computers. Search your remote PC with Google, Yahoo, or Windows desktop search.

Connecting From A Mobile Device
Any mobile device (phone, smartphone, iPhone) with Web access can connect to a remote computer using PCNow. Mobile access is included with every PCNow account! Get your files, folders, documents on the go. Manage your Outlook email and contacts from your mobile phone, even if your phone doesn't have native support for these applications!
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