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Zoho is a suite of online applications (services) that you sign up for and access from our Website. The applications are free for individuals and some have a subscription fee for organizations. Our vision is to provide our customers (individuals, students, educators, non-profits, small and medium sized businesses) with the most comprehensive set of applications available anywhere (breadth); and for those applications to have enough features (depth) to make your user experience worthwhile.

Who is behind Zoho?
Zoho is a division of AdventNet Inc., A US-based company that has been creating and selling cutting edge software solutions since 1996. The company has tens of thousands of customers worldwide, is privately held and profitable.

What is the main advantage of using Zoho?
Zoho is bringing together a wide range of online applications making it easier for individuals and businesses to manage all their work while dramatically reducing the cost. But being more productive and saving money is just the beginning of using Zoho. As we continue to integrate the various Zoho services and innovate on new ways of getting things done, we hope that you will find working online not only more rewarding, more collaborative, but more enjoyable.

While using Zoho your documents and data are securely stored online on our servers and can be accessed from anywhere. This means as long as you have Internet access you can access your Zoho data from any computer and enjoy a productive and convenient working experience wherever you go without the hassle of bringing your computer with you. In addition, Zoho helps people collaborate on projects and share information with a simple mouse click. For example, in Zoho Writer, there are several ways to share documents in private, make them public or even perform collaborative editing in real time. Zoho also offers a very economical approach to getting your work done. While we offer free editions of all our applications, businesses also have access to our business editions at extremely competitive rates.

How do I get started?
You can start by simply clicking on the Zoho service you are interested in and filling in some basic information to set up an account. We ask for your e-mail address, a password and a verification code to prevent spammers from using the services. Once you read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy policy you will receive an e-mail asking to verify your account. You can start using the service immediately. Zoho services support single sign on (SSO) across all our applications (Z CRM is the exception and will be added shortly), so once you subscribe to one service, you have access to all the services using the same user name or e-mail address and password.

What is Zoho Business?
Zoho Business is both an application and a kind of online "platform" that aggregates a number of Zoho applications into a single dashboard for users to manage the Zoho services they have subscribed to as well as a place to view and access all your documents. It also provides a sharable calendar, supports groups, contacts, e-mail, tasks and a means to add and pay for additional Zoho services and eventually other third party services. One of the main differences between using Z Business vs. the standalone "Personal" edition applications, is that it provides company level subscriptions, an administrator console and a set-up for different office locations. Once an administrator logs in, he/she can add users, locations and pay for the services required with a credit card from our secure online store. You can even replace the Zoho logo with your own company logo, register domain names that belong to your company and have employees access their Zoho Business account using those domain names.
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