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With SmartDraw ordinary people can create presentation-quality business graphics such as flowcharts, org charts, Gantt charts, timelines, floor plans and more in five minutes or less-no experience or training required.

SmartDraw includes templates (called SmartTemplates) for more than 100 different types of business graphics, from flowcharts to floor plans and sales charts to SWOT diagrams. No matter what kind of business graphic you want to create, SmartDraw 2009 has a SmartTemplate for it. SmartDraw's web site offers the Encyclopedia of Business Graphics that lists every type of business graphic with a definition, an explanation of how it is used, an example and a SmartTemplate that can be used to create one.

SmartDraw Draws for You Create graphics without manually drawing. SmartDraw draws for you. Use simple buttons on the SmartPanel to add shapes and SmartDraw places them in just the right position with the appropriate connections. Build perfectly formatted graphics with simple commands. Each year more than two million people install and use SmartDraw.

A Different Kind of Software Company is a pioneer of the direct-to-user Internet distribution model. Many of its sales are delivered electronically, directly to the user. This close connection with its community of users allows to tailor its product to match user's needs. The design of SmartDraw is the result of extensive user testing and years of feedback from the millions of SmartDraw users.

The SmartDraw Product Line For general business users, SmartDraw is the choice for creating more than 100 types of charts and diagrams, including flowcharts, Gantt charts, timelines, organizational charts, calendars, flyers, floor plans and technical diagrams.

In addition, SmartDraw is available in two industry-specific solutions: SmartDraw Legal Edition and SmartDraw Healthcare Edition. Each edition includes all the SmartDraw features and functions plus industry-specific SmartTemplates. can send you the latest

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