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Zoho Invoice is the easiest way to invoice your customers. It helps create, send and manage your invoices online. Using Zoho Invoice you can track customer payments and also accept online payments from customers. Let's take a quick look at some of its invoicing features -

Send elegant invoices
Send elegant invoices using invoice templates. Make use of our readymade invoice templates or create your own custom invoice templates. Continue sending invoices in the format you want, don't allow the invoicing service to enforce the invoice format.

Collect online payments
Ensure faster payments from customers by allowing them to make online payment to your invoices. With Zoho Invoice, accepting online payments from customers is very easy and the workflow is completely automated.

Track invoices & payments
Track all your invoices. Quickly see the ones that are paid and the ones that are still open. Easily narrow down to the invoices that are past their due date and take appropriate action. You can also track all customer payments and automate sending of payment thank-you mails to your customers.

Automate follow-up
Configure auto reminders in the service and avoid following up each and every individual invoice manually. You can configure up to three auto reminders, specify the days after which each of these reminders has to be sent and to whom it has to be sent.

Impress your customers
Impress your customers by sending invoices in their language and in their currency. You can send a French invoice to your French customer and a Spanish invoice to your Spanish customer. Easily derive the item price in customer's currency just by specifying the exchange rate.

Automate recurring invoices
Make use of our recurring profiles and automate sending of re-occurring invoices to your customers. Just specify the frequency along with other invoice details and we take care of sending it periodically.

Assess late fees automatically
Configure the late fees rules in the service and have it access the late fees on your invoices automatically whenever there is a delayed payment. Don't go through the pains of calculating and re-calculating the late fees again and again on your invoices.

Stay on top of your business
Get instant access to the various important information, like the invoice aging report, customers who give you more business, items that sells the most, sales made in a particular month etc. and get benefitted.

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