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BillingOrchard provides enteprise electronic billing solutions through a simple, secure interface, supported by top notch service and priced for small businesses.

Web developers, not accountants, created BillingOrchard. As a small business, we understand the importance of consistent income, maximizing our productivity, and sticking to what we know best. As any small business owner or freelancer understands, cash flow and charging for even the smallest updates for a client are essential.

BillingOrchard utilizes the familiar interface of a web site, along with the basic knowledge of accounting that any small business owner understands. That basic knowledge is: billing for services equals income. BillingOrchard will streamline your invoicing, allowing you to focus on your business rather than paperwork.

BillingOrchard also maintains recurring billing for your monthly, quarterly or annual fees. When charging a fee to a client's account, you can also select how frequently this charge should recur, i.e. once every 15 days, once per quarter, once per year, etc. Invoices can be automatically generated and through our Authorize.Net integration, charged on their due dates to your client's credit card. Processing is completed in real-time, and your clients' billing accounts are updated immediately.

Utilizing our Universal Gateway feature, BillingOrchard can initiate the electronic payment for any processor or gateway that allows form posts. Companies can also utilize their PayPal account to accept electronic payments directly from BillingOrchard invoices.

Who Should Use BillingOrchard?
BillingOrchard is developed for use by small businesses, freelancers, and contract workers. Over the years running small businesses, we've purchased popular accounting and invoicing products, and have tried online versions of billing software as well. Traditional billing software is bulky, requiring plenty of data entry, some accounting knowledge, installed software and a great deal of time. BillingOrchard has been developed for ease of use and specifically caters to the needs of small businesses or individuals offering services.

Software vs. Web-Based Product
BillingOrchard is an online, electronic billing software application. There is no software to download, install, update or purchase. Your company or service can be ready to manage your clients' accounts in less than 5 minutes, with no setup costs, and nothing to install. Your account is available anywhere with a browser and Internet connection. Also, your clients have access to view their invoices, pending hours and fees to be billed, along with their complete billing history, all without time-consuming downloads or installations. Invoicing over the Internet also eliminates postage expense.

We have even developed a free Internet Explorer toolbar, and free taskbar application to use for directly logging into BillingOrchard.
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