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Paper based business plans are so 20th century. With the worlds new industry standard in online business plan and due diligence reporting system, you can easyly deliver comprehensive SBA and GAAP compliant, transparent, and sharable information online, with easy to complete multiple choice entries.

Impress funders with your best video elevator pitch, and promote to the global communities of lenders and investors online. Get funded faster using Funding Roadmap.


  • Instant global access for review by investors, secure online storage in case of fire or natural events.

  • Easy Preparation

  • Comprehensive Questionnaire with numerous multiple choice answers includes many items whose importance might otherwise be unknown to the the applicant, speeds the application process, reduces need for items written from scratch
  • Problem alarms indicate when information is incorrect or out of compliance
  • Automatically popluates other fields with pertinent information, cutting data entry time

  • Cuts Review Time

  • Quick and easy navigation, including point-and-click hyperlinking between Table of Contents and body of the report...allows investors to go immediately to the relevant areas of concern based on their criteria
  • Standardized format reviewers go quickly to the same location for needed information on each application
  • Instantly sharable online with colleagues

  • Slashes Due Diligence Time/Costs

  • Complete, compliant preliminary due diligence report is completed by the applicant, dramatically reducing reviewers' and closers' time and expense
  • Report offers sophisticated analysis reporting within the document, eliminating the need to transpose data into other systems for further analysis

  • Video

  • Applicant can include elevator pitch and supporting documentary material. Can reduce need for travel

  • Environmentally Friendly Format

  • Online format, reducing need for paper-based reports, not to mention software packaging, shipping, etc., reduces carbon footprint associated with process
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