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The Business Plan Wizard in Plan Write makes it easy to get started. The initial interview includes a few key questions about your business. Based upon your answers, the Wizard sets up the appropriate outline and tailors the examples to your specific business.

For every section of your business plan, the Wizard explains the rationale behind what the lender/investor is expecting to see in an effective business plan. You will know exactly what to include, where to put it, and the best way to say it.

For every section of your business plan, the Wizard shows an example of an effective paragraph from a real business plan. The examples have automatically been tailored to your business based upon your answers to the initial interview questions. You can use the example as a pattern to describe your business, or you can copy the example directly into your plan and modify it to your needs.

Lenders and investors know the form of an effective business plan and prefer to see precise content without having to search for it. Our executives have been dealing with banks and venture capitalists for 35 years and know what these professionals are expecting. The organization and format of your plan can mark the document as well considered and professionally complete.

Features include:

  • New release for 2008 (Vista Compatible)
  • Library of sample business plans
  • Business Plan Wizard to guide you
  • Complete financials & charts
  • Expert System support for your strategy
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