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With GotVMail, your small business can sound more professional and streamline its communications by creating a virtual office that connects callers to employees wherever they are, on any type of phone - home, office, VoIP, or mobile - without any equipment to purchase or maintain and starts at just $9.95 a month.

Sound more professional with a studio-quality custom main greeting, better manage incoming calls with multiple extensions for employees and departments, and simplify the ways callers reach you with live call forwarding and transferring.

GotVMail combines a unique toll free or local number with a host of advanced features. It functions as a virtual attendant, hosted PBX system, and sales and marketing tool allowing your small business to always sound its best. It also allows you to better manage voicemails and faxes with message delivery - listen to voicemails and view faxes right on your computer.


  • Comes complete with a toll free number accessible from anywhere in North America or a local number accessible worldwide.
  • Supports an unlimited number of incoming calls so callers never hear a busy signal.
  • Allows you to designate extensions for virtually any purpose - employees, departments, company information such as store hours, and sales/marketing promotions.
  • Allows each extension to have its own call forwarding number(s). For example, "Operator" can forward a caller to your cell phone in New York and "Sales" can forward callers first to your business partner's home office in Los Angeles and then to another employee's cell phone.
  • Allows callers to hear music-on-hold while waiting to be transferred - choose from a number of genres such as jazz and classical, or upload your own custom music.
  • Provides employees with their own extensions that can be administered online or via any phone.
  • Allows voicemails and faxes to be emailed as MP3 audio or PDF attachments.
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