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Manage your shipments With DHL's suite of management tools and custom solutions, it's a breeze handling your shipping needs.


Manage domestic and international shipments from your desktop browser at Prepare shipping labels, create reports, track shipments and schedule pickups with DHL WebShip.


Install DHL EasyShip® Connect on your PC and ship from the U.S. to any destination in the world. Designed for low-volume shippers, EasyShip automates your entire shipping process and includes screen customization and integration features not available in Web-based solutions.

Vendor Partner Solutions

Get DHL shipping functionality in a powerful, multi-carrier system. Automation options range from desktop or server-based solutions to complete Transportation and Warehouse Management Systems. DHL works closely with many vendor partners in order to provide you with more choices for shipping your packages.

Tools for building your own solutions

Build DHL functionality into your own shipping systems and use the integration method that best suits your shipping needs. Choose from a variety of DHL developer tools and receive technical assistance in the process of development, testing and certification.

Tracking: Know where your shipments are With DHL Technology tools, you can see where your shipments are, whether they're outgoing or incoming

Proview™ tracking

ProView, DHL's latest online tracking tool, gives you total visibility of all your shipments, from pickup to delivery and everywhere in between. With up-to-date tracking for every package sent to you via the web, email, or text updates, you stay in the know and in control wherever you are.

Tracking @

Check the status of your shipments from anywhere, choose to receive e-mail updates and get delivery signatures.

Call DHL

Call DHL 24/7, enter your tracking number and receive real time updates on the status of your package.
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