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You work hard for your money. Make sure it's working hard toward your future goals as well. Choose from three small business retirement plans from Fidelity, the retirement leader.

If you're like many small business owners and self-employed people, odds are you may be spending a lot of time running your own shop, and plowing your energy and resources into building the successful business you've always wanted.

Maybe that hasn't left much time to pay enough attention to planning for the future — or your retirement. That's where Fidelity can step in. We've been helping self-employed individuals and small business owners for decades to select the appropriate retirement plans, choose the investments to fund those plans, and manage their plans on an ongoing basis. And, we can help you on your timetable, and at your convenience.

The Benefits of Beginning Today

  • You may be able to take a tax deduction just for saving money for your future
  • All earnings on your investments grow tax-deferred until withdrawn
  • You can include your spouse if you are working together
  • You'll have a key benefit to offer any employees today or when your business expands

  • Costs for establishing, managing and administering a Fidelity plan are minimal - from $0 to $25 per year per person.

    About SEP-IRAs

    A Simplified Employee Pension Plan, commonly known as a SEP-IRA, is a retirement plan specifically designed for self-employed people and small-business owners. Its key features are highlighted below. When establishing a SEP-IRA plan for your business, you and any eligible employees establish your own separate SEP-IRA; employer contributions are then made into each eligible employee’s SEP-IRA.

    About SIMPLE-IRAs

    Salary Reduction, Less Administration
    The SIMPLE-IRA Plan was designed to make it easier for small businesses to offer a tax-advantaged, company-sponsored retirement plan. The SIMPLE plan is a flexible, easy to administer retirement plan for businesses with 100 or fewer employees. SIMPLE plans are funded by employer contributions and can be funded by elective employee salary deferrals.

    Investment-Only: The Fidelity Non-Prototype Retirement Account
    Your Investment Vehicle for Your Retirement Plan Assets

    The Fidelity Non-Prototype Retirement Account is a brokerage account in which you can invest your company's retirement plan assets. With the Fidelity Non-Prototype Retirement Account, Fidelity provides the investment vehicle only, so you can access a variety of investment choices. Your retirement plan administrator or trustee(s) handles your plan's recordkeeping and tax reporting services.

    Why Offer a 401(k)?

    Attract and Keep Qualified Employees

    Offering a retirement plan is a smart way to help level the playing field between your small business and larger companies.

  • Attract talented people in today's competitive job market.
  • Retain valuable employees who want retirement solutions in their benefits package.
  • Enjoy tax advantages that may be available to you as an employer.

  • Integrated 401(k) & Payroll

    Integrated Solutions Can Save You Time

    Choosing Fidelity’s Integrated 401(k) and Payroll can help simplify your business day by reducing your risk, reducing your costs and reducing your administration.

  • Eliminates any funding gaps and reduces your fiduciary risk by automatically funding employee 401(k) accounts on payday.
  • Saves you time with automated loan administration and processing and simplified end-of-year testing.
  • Provides employees with a single Web site to view and update their 401(k) and Payroll information.
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