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The Internet has changed the way the world gets its news. Traditionally, it was necessary to communicate through the media to reach your target audience. With the increasing number of people searching for news online, the rules have changed.

For ten years, PRWeb has been providing customers, from small business owners to Fortune-500 companies, with the ability to communicate direct-to-consumer by placing their news in front of the people who matter - better than anyone in the industry for a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the key benefits to using PRWeb:

1. Get your news on leading Internet news sites
PRWeb news gets picked up in leading online news sites like Yahoo! News, Google News,, and Topix. Additionally, your press release is distributed through a host of other online news sites including our own and, which deliver over 50 million page views each month.

2. Push your news to the top of search engines
PRWeb press releases are optimized for premium placement in organic search results. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Wizard allows customers to focus on high-frequency keywords that will ensure their news will achieve peak visibility.

3. Create viral buzz online
Social media has the potential to attract and hold the attention of a vast demographic of people who have grown numb to more traditional forms of marketing and advertising. PRWeb releases contain tools such as social media bookmark links that help create buzz.

4. Increase your Web site traffic
Inbound links are one of the most important factors in determining the position of your Web site in search engines and driving traffic to your site. The embedded hyperlinks within your PRWeb press release contribute to the overall visibility of your Web site and drive increased traffic to your site.

5. Send your news to top Journalists
In addition to the thousands of journalists who visit PRWeb’s affiliate network and subscribe to PRWeb e-mail alerts, PRWeb’s Media Visibility release will distribute your news through an Associated Press feed directly to the top circulation US newspapers.

6. Bring your news to life

PRWeb news releases offer you the ability to embed an image into your press release; attach additional files such as PDFs and additional images; embed your Web page into your press release through an iFrame; and even embed video into your release. PRWeb offers Podcast production capabilities that allow for easy recording and uploading of podcast's to further enhance your news. Read more about PRWeb Multimedia News Releases.

7. Syndicate your content to reach Millions
Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is changing the way news is distributed online. PRWeb was the first online news distribution service to begin using RSS and currently delivers your news through 20,000 RSS feeds that get pulled over 10 million times every month. Furthermore, all PRWeb customers can create their own custom feeds free-of-charge.

8. Measure your visibility
PRWeb press releases come with a comprehensive array of analytics that allow you to track the visibility of your press release over time; benchmark the visibility of your press release by industry category; analyze the SEO performance of your release; and a host of others.
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