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Just ONE well placed press release can generate tremendous interest in your products or services. Every day editors set aside space for press releases about products, services, events and news - why not yours? We offer three ways for you to distribute your press releases and contact the media.

Our products

PRPro Online Press Release Service
Constantly updated, creating a media contact list and press release distribution has never been quicker, easier or more affordable.

The 2011 All-In-One Media Directory (Print version)
A compact yet comprehensive 8 1/2 x 11 reference work - media contact information for more than 24,000 media outlets in one place.

Comma-delimited and Excel media lists
Constantly updated, our media contact database easily imports into your database, mailing list, contact manager, spreadsheet or other program. An electronic media contact list ready to go to work for you.

Don't be fooled by other services claiming "300,000" journalists.

In very round numbers, there are only 12,000 radio/TV stations, 5,000 magazines and 8,000 newspapers in the US. We provide the ONE email, fax and address given to us by the media as appropriate for sending news and press release distribution. Don't dismiss faxing or mailing your releases; they are likely to stand out from the crowd because everyone thinks email is the best way to distribute press releases.

What about all those free press release distribution services?

Caveat emptor! If you are paying nothing, common sense suggests you will likely get nothing. Those sort of press releases end up only online and vanish into to wilderness, despite the SEO claims. Can you recall even one time you found an online press release and were motivated to purchase the product or service?

Traditional media is NOT dead.

Getting your story in even one trade or consumer magazine, securing airtime on a radio or TV station or a newspaper article is FAR more effective than sending your news into cyberspace. Unless you have a large Twitter or blog following, getting any publicity there is next to impossible. Busy editors and journalists do not spend time searching the web for news. If someone tells you traditional media is dead, they are likely trying to sell you their alternative.

Respected, trusted and well known within the PR field.

Gebbie Press has served the public relations field since 1955. Founded in New York City by Con Gebbie, former PR man for Pan Am and Shell Oil, his first offering was the "Gebbie Press House Magazine Directory", a media list of all company publications. In 1970 the first "All-In-One" Media Directory was published; it has been published every year since that time. Gebbie Press was the first publisher to provide media lists and media contact databases in electronic format. can send you the latest

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