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As a leading provider of human resources outsourcing (HRO) solutions, we've been serving the employee management needs of some of the area's most respected companies for over 12 years. Our flexible and cost-effective service models include professional employer organization (PEO), the more customized administrative services outsourcing (ASO) platform as well as HR Consulting. This is all done behind the scenes, seamlessly and transparently, as if we were a part of your own organization.

Why Hire Us for Your Human Resources Outsourcing Needs?

After 12 years of making employee management simple, we've learned a lot about taking care of our clients needs. We have learned to be proactive, to stay on top of our game and to help you stay on top of your game. We empathize. We listen. We coach. We keep getting better in a continuous cycle of improvement.

Deciding to outsource your human resources to an ordinary PEO, you probably expect to lose a few things in the transition like a group medical plan that sounds familiar to your staff. Having to fire your trusty old 401(k) broker or insurance agent. Maybe you just don't want to let go of the employer status, yet you still realize you need help. And lots of it.

Outsourcing Human Resources shouldn't be so complicated. Just what you want and need, custom-fit to meet your organization's goals and competencies. After all, it should make life easier for you, not necessarily your vendor, right?

A few ways we adapt to your needs:

  • Keep your group medical or 401(k) plan
  • Multiple service levels (PEO, ASO, HR Only)
  • Payroll checks: Your account or ours
  • Payroll: Use our web entry, or web-based time clock.

  • Our HR Outsourcing Services - Loyal Clients Tell Our Story

    Everyone and their brother says they are customer-service oriented. Few can actually prove it. That's when we turned to the experts in customer loyalty and engagement. In fact, over 800 independent surveys have shown that clients consistently give Emplicity's service team exceptionally high rankings on overall satisfaction and value. Also, virtually every client would refer us to a friend.

    Data on our performance and execution helps us to better understand our clients experience and their needs. We are not just satisfied with "happy" clients. Our model of client engagement generates a level of loyalty and connectedness that sets Emplicity apart from an increasingly crowded space. Curious? Get the skinny on our loyalty results.

    Human Resources Outsourcing Services - We Simplify Lives

    Never has HR Outsourcing been so simple. Just ask Megan Lovas, a client in Riverside who is constantly battling the complexities of running a small business. "They are always helping make things easier for me. They have helped me to make the whole HR process less cumbersome. They're great!"

    Through the high-tech resources such as MyEmplicity Online, your employees and managers have access to critical employee and payroll file information, employee benefits programs, and personnel forms. As your one-stop vendor for all HR, Payroll, Benefit and Employee Safety Training services, Emplicity makes the employee management process easy for busy executives.

    Answers to critical employee problems and guidance through hiring, managing and firing employees has helped thousands of managers simplify their lives. With the aid of an objective employee management expert, you can rest assured that you are making qualified decisions in the management of your staff.

    Delivering Value in HR through HR Outsourcing

    Most Emplicity clients appreciate the personal relationships they have with their own human resources coach. Someone who knows your company from the inside out and often more than clients know themselves. Our HR Coach program which assigns a seasoned human resources executive to your company raises the level of engagement with your people management function.

    Bob Galletti of Orange remarks, "Thank you for continuing the pursuit of excellent customer service!" His HR Coach Ann Albertson has opened his eyes to simpler ways of managing people and dealing with employee issues. Keeping Bob's liability as an employer has helped to raise his awareness when it comes to hiring and firing employees.
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