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If you are just beginning your search for office space, or growing and expanding your business into new markets; if you need to reduce your real estate expenses or adjust your space requirements, Office Suites PLUS can provide you the flexibility and value to meet your needs.

If you have the need for a full-time office, we can provide a comprehensive solution with our Professional Office Package. Office Suites PLUS is more than just office rental. Our business support services are used by a wide variety of individuals and businesses, including clients who require a physical office; “virtual office” users who do not require a physical office; and others who require these services on a one-time or occasional basis without the need for full-time office space.

Services Include

Fully furnished offices
Our offices vary in size to help accommodate a range of budgets. Regardless of size, all of our offices (sometimes known as executive or serviced offices) have been professionally designed and furnished to project an image of success. Each office can be configured for use by one person or to share with several associates.

Personalized telephone answering services
At Office Suites PLUS, we realize that a missed call could mean a lost opportunity. PLUS, we understand the value of the image being projected when your customer's calls are answered by a helpful and friendly person, rather than just going straight to your voice mail. Each of our office suites is staffed with a dedicated Director of First Impressions whose sole purpose is to provide the highest level of personalized telephone answering services.

As part of our personalized telephone answering services, all of our offices include a telephone set for each person in the office. Each telephone comes standard with a direct inward dial telephone number, an extra rollover line, voice mail that is accessible from any telephone at any time and several programmable features. In addition, our telephone answering software allows us to personally answer each call, providing company specific greetings and information as if we worked for your company.

In addition to these standard services, Office Suites PLUS provides many other telephone answering services designed to keep you and your customers connected. Our caller services include call screening, remote notification, call patching, auto attendant, remote call forwarding and toll free numbers. Please contact us for additional requests.

High-speed Internet access
Connectivity is never an afterthought for us, and we certainly know it is not where you want to spend your time. Installation, training and maintenance can be both frustrating and very time consuming - not to mention expensive.

At Office Suites PLUS, we can provide you access to the infrastructure you need to help you succeed in your business. All of our suites have high speed broadband Internet lines to ensure highest levels of service, plus most of our suites offer free wireless Internet for convenience to your and your visitors.

Dedicated meeting rooms
Our meeting rooms are consistently used by our clients as well as on an as-needed (or walk-in) basis by individuals and businesses. In either scenario, we can help you project an image of success with our carefully appointed and professional office suites.

Our meeting rooms are designed and furnished for maximum efficiency. Each room has a dry mark board, extra paper and pens for your use, speakerphones and access to audio/visual equipment. We can even provide beverage and catering services.

Mail Receipt
Receiving mail at a home address or mail box number may not be the image you want to project for your company. If this is the case, as our client, you will have a recognized business address and receive all your incoming mail and packages. In addition, our helpful staff can help you prepare, package and deliver all of your outgoing correspondence or overnight shipments.

Clerical support
Whether it is a rush job on a special presentation, greeting each of your guests, handling that large copy job, planning the catering and preparing the beverage setup for your meeting or making sure all your packages get delivered tonight, we stand always ready to help. We are available, as you need us, to help you make the most of your time and remain focused on the more important parts of your business.

Our staff prides themselves in offering the best client service in the business, but don't take our word for it. Stop by Office Suites PLUS today and see for yourself why our clients tell us that our people make the difference.

Our videoconferencing service allows you access to any private videoconferencing site and over 3,500 public access sites worldwide. And the best part about it is the value - videoconferencing can save you time and money.

Because of our commitment to the highest standard of service and technical support, Office Suites PLUS has earned the right to be a preferred public access room to premier videoconferencing organizations such as Affinity, Proximity, Connexus, Eye Network, AT&T, and Sprint.
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