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Optimum Payments is a leading provider of point-of-sale equipment, merchant accounts, e-commerce and electronic payment solutions. With offices located in Tampa Florida and Raleigh North Carolina. We offer restaurateurs, retailers, e-commerce, medical, dental and other business owners, a large array of affordable, reliable credit card terminals, supplies, and maintenance programs.

A corporate-wide commitment to providing clients the highest quality products and services has allowed us to achieve phenomenal success since opening our doors. We deliver cost-effective solutions that clients can customize to meet their specific needs. As a service provider, we process virtually all types of electronic payment transactions for all types of businesses, financial institutions and retail merchants across the United States.

Our core business solutions include point of sale (POS) processing, merchant accounts, credit card terminals, customer support and related services. Our superior transaction processing capabilities along with our ability in providing exceptional customer service, delivering state of the art equipment and the most aggressive merchant account rates in the industry are just a few reasons why our offices have experienced phenomenal success.

Comprehensive Support 24/7
We deliver card processing solution/s directly to your business, eliminating middlemen and reducing cost. You can rely on us as your single source for processing credit, debit, loyalty and gift card transactions.

Flexible, reliable technology
Customers consistently give our technical services a satisfaction rating of more than 90%. Outstanding technical support available whenever you need it is our number one priority.

Simple reporting, available in real time
Our processing platform was built from the ground up over the past decade to provide high-speed transactions without any remnants of out-of-date technology. Our network offers data processing depth and capacity coupled with system redundancy for complete dependability. We provide a consolidated, easy-to-read statement that clearly explains your account. Access your account online anytime for up-to-the-minute information.

High Risk Payment Processing
When hard-to-place, high risk merchants require payment processing solutions, they come to us for fast approvals. If you are looking to start a new business, or have an existing business in one of these categories, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive solutions tailored to your payment processing needs.We provide payment processing services to the following "high risk" merchants:

High Ticket
High Volume
Phone Cards
Internet Cigars
Dating Services
Streaming Videos
Advance Purchase
Less than Good Credit
Gyms and Fitness Centers
Memberships and Recurring Billing
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