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LeadsPlease Small Business Mailing & Email List Brokers is your reliable source for accurate, affordable mailing lists fast! Your one-stop-shop for the highest quality and freshest data.

You can map your prospect geography, filter by various demographics and see your prospect count in seconds. Feel free to use LeadsPlease as your research tool for locating prime contacts. There is no subscription and you can use LeadsPlease as much as you like - free.

  • 215 Million Consumers in 110 Million Homes
  • Built From 3,500+ Varied Data Sources
  • Filter by Demography
  • Filter by Geographical Area or Radius
  • Rigorous Data Hygiene Standards

  • leadsBusiness:
  • More than 18 Million Businesses
  • Freshest Data via Monthly Updates
  • Focused on Small to Midsize Businesses
  • Verified Telephone Numbers
  • Filter by Geography & Firmography

  • The LeadsPlease team has over ten years technical and practical experience in building online systems which in real time make it easy to search/prospect through millions of consumer, business, new homeowner, new mover records and create custom mailing lists which can be downloaded in seconds. Our offices and servers are based in Scottsdale, AZ. The database servers are held at a highly secure facility.

    All data, provided by the world leader in this field, Experian, is housed on servers and is refreshed weekly or monthly, depending on the database. Users can filter the data in real time by geography, demographics, SIC Codes…etc. to find and target new customers swiftly, simply, safely and for the best price.

    The cost of purchasing a mailing list is transparent at every stage of the prospecting process. There are no hidden costs. Orders are quickly and efficiently handled over the web via our secure servers (see our security and privacy policy). All credit cards are validated automatically and email confirmations are automatically sent to the purchaser which includes a link to download the mailing list.

    Our mission is to provide users with the most cost effective, transparent way to prospect for new customers with confidence.
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