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How does it work?
Our custom-built design tool was created for the busy entrepreneur. Just follow the three easy steps listed above to create your logo.

Once you get your logo just right, pay only $49 and the unique logo you have designed will be yours to use wherever you need.

How do we make sure you look professional?
We provide over 10,000 images for you to use as a base in your logo. These images are professionally designed by logo experts that understand the type of art that will work effectively in a logo. In addition, our design tool was made to intuitively draw our customers to the important aspects of a quality logo, including the proportion between text and image, and colors.

  • Your logo will make a positive and memorable impression
  • Download your logo whenever you need it
  • Use Logomaker business card templates to create and order business cards.
  • Select various shirt styles, colors, and sizes from our online store

  • How It Works

    Choose the image that you will use in your logo.
    Choose from over 10,000 unique icons. LogoMaker lets you find the perfect icon for your business by conducting a keyword search or by viewing the icons in different categories. When you view by category, LogoMaker sorts icons into three smaller categories: symbol-based, letter-based, and abstract icons.

    Design your logo.
    Once you select an image, LogoMaker takes you to the design page where you can begin customizing your icon into a unique logo. Click on the icon, then click on the buttons in the left-hand design section to change the angle, size, color, and other features of the icon.

    With many icons, you can change colors for just one portion of the icon. You can also add up to two lines of text and customize it so that it fits perfectly with your icon, including the location of the text as well as the angle, size, color, and font style of the text.

    Save your logo and try it on the Web, free.
    When you are satisfied with your new logo, or if you want to return later to finish it, click the "Continue" button. You will be on the third step, called Get your logo. Once your logo is saved, you can click the "Free Web Logo" button to get the free html code you will need to post your logo on your website. There is no fee or time limit on how long you may want to post your logo online.

    Purchase your logo for $49.
    When you purchase your logo, you become the owner of your design, and can legally use it widely to begin building your business image. Once you pay for your logo, you can immediately it download it in all major file formats, including jpgs and tiffs.

    Bonus feature: Put your logo to work.
    After you buy your logo, login to the LogoMaker store to begin building your brand by customizing your logo on shirts, business cards, and more. With the LogoMaker store, you no longer have to take your logo file to a print shop to get your logo printed.
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