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Providing legal services to low-income small and emerging businesses.

Lewis & Clark Law School's Small Business Legal Clinic (SBLC) provides business transactional legal advice to new and emerging businesses, primarily those owned by women, minorities, and recent immigrants. The SBLC provides its services to clients through two distinct programs: the Intern Program and the Pro Bono Project.

Since opening its doors in September 2006, the SBLC has assisted 178 small businesses on over 442 separate legal matters. Women, minorities, or recent immigrants own 72.4% of those businesses. Further, 36.51% of the SBLC’s clients live in “distressed areas,” as defined by the OECDD.

The SBLC works closely with other small business service providers to help complete the circle of support to new and emerging businesses. Together, the SBLC and small business centers provide the support businesses need to succeed.
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