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BizAuctions enables commercial enterprises to liquidate excess inventory on eBay. We pick up your excess inventory, auction it on eBay, and send you a check! Whether you're a Fortune 500 manufacturer with 3,000 widgets or a leading retailer with 2,000 gizmos, BizAuctions is your key to cash flow.

How BizAuctions works

BizAuctions provides commercial eBay liquidation services for excess inventory, overstock items, and returns. We provide our clients another sales channel to generate additional revenue on excess inventory.

We can liquidate inventory for most any commercial enterprise including category killer retailers, Fortune 500 manufacturers, and small businesses alike. We can have the capacity to move your inventory!

BizAuctions is a clear and lucrative solution for most any business to liquidate its excess inventory through eBay. Contact us to learn more about how BizAuctions can turn your excess inventory into cash flow!
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