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Our pay per send pricing model doesn't tie you into a monthly service fee.

Don't be fooled by those other services who charge a ridiculous setup fee to send faxes.

You can also receive faxes with FaxIt Nice. It's a snap to setup and with many different plans to choose from there's sure to be one that suits you. Your received faxes are delivered via email and we also keep a record of them for you to view online. FaxIt Nice has expanded into the public domain for third party tool developers. Our extensive infrastructure makes it easy for developers to leverage our fantastic servcies. "What good is this to me?" you ask. Well, all this makes your life easier.

A reasonable assumption is that you are creating most of your documents on a computer. So why do you still need to print out that document, go to a fax machine, stand there while it slowly transmits the data and then throw the fresh prints straight into the recycle bin?

FaxIt Nice provides fast, reliable and cheap online faxing, so waiting around is no longer necessary. Faxing is easy with FaxIt Nice. You can sit at your computer working on something useful while your faxes transmit in the background. You can queue up as many faxes as you want simultaneously, it's like having an infinite number of fax machines!

Our setup wizard will help you to choose a the fax number and the payment plan you wish to subscribe to. You will then proceed to the "Delivery Options" screen where you associate any email address with your fax number. From this point onwards any faxes sent to your fax number will be emailed to you in PDF format.

You are allotted a certain number of pages per month which allow you to send or receive faxes free of charge. These pages are allotted for sending or receiving faxes within the USA. If you surpass your monthly allocation of free pages, funds for subsequent faxes are deducted from your FaxIt Credit account balance. Every time you receive a fax it will be forwarded to you in an email as a PDF. We will also keep a record of all faxes for you to view online in the "Received Faxes" section of the site.

Our support team is always just a click or phone call away. We strive to keep every single customer happy and it shows in our customer loyalty. Rest assured that if you need questions answered we will be there to help.

Brought to you by 350 Nice, FaxIt Nice provides cheap, reliable online fax services.
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