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Email Marketing: VerticalResponse makes it easy for you to achieve results even when you're strapped for time and money.

Easy-To-Use Email Creation Tools

We know you’ve got talent 'cause you’re thinking about email marketing – and you’ve come to the right place! But if you're worried you don't have enough online experience to subject yourself to this mass email malarkey, fear no more!

Choose from a range of email creation methods, depending on your level of expertise. Dive in with the entry-level Email Wizard, or if you are on the web-maven end of the spectrum, utilize your own pre-built HTML. Sign up free - See for yourself!

List Building & Management

You know you want to grow your list, but where do you start? The first step to generating a loyal audience for your business is to get them in your Rolodex. Ok, carefully back away from that ballpoint pen. Make your way calmly to VerticalResponse's opt-in form builder and start building your customer email database today.

Keeping tabs on your customers' data in VerticalResponse has never been easier. And what's more, you'll have the cleanest list in town, since we take care of all the nitty gritty details including unsubscribe processing. Find out more cool stuff, like how you can boost response rates using segmentation.

Email Delivery

VerticalResponse is committed to ensuring your email gets delivered, so you can focus on what counts: your relationship with your customers.

We use the most up-to-date methods in the industry to authenticate client mail (like DomainKeys). Our dedicated delivery and policy team make sure VerticalResponse delivery rates are consistently high, through careful monitoring of the mail we allow through our system.

Our tough anti-spam stance allows us to maintain a strong reputation as a sender. Sign up free - Get your email delivered!
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