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LA Records Secure Shredding services help businesses establish a secure, comprehensive, and efficient information disposal solution; off-site or on-site from special projects to fully compliant secure shredding program development. We provide a full range of document shredding services to protect your confidential information and to help your business comply with state and federal laws. Clients receive written certificates of destruction for all shredding services. Our pricing is simple: by the box. If your documents are not boxed, our records management consultants will meet with you to provide you a flat rate quote. LA Records recycles all shredded paper and electronic media.

One-time purges

For year-end or a one-time purge, LA Records provides on-site and off-site shredding to meet your exclusive needs at your convenience.

Off-site document shredding

We make shredding trouble-free for you. A member of our fleet of drivers picks up your confidential documents, transports them securely to our records center and shreds your documents at a reasonable price. You receive a certificate of destruction to prove compliance with document disposal requirements.

Legal compliance

The rise in theft and misuse of personal and medical information has forced government at every level to step in and impose specific legal requirements on business to protect the private financial and medical information of their clients and patients. Failing to protect your clients' and/or patients' protected information can result in significant fines, negative publicity, media scrutiny, and loss of business. As a result, your company cannot afford anything less that absolute security.

Absolute security is LA Records' only acceptable standard. We accomplish this by focusing on accommodating our client's needs, adhering to our high corporate values and integrity, using exceptional differentiated technology, and our on-site high security document control.

LA Records will help you understand and comply with the laws that apply to your business or profession:

LA Records services are right for you if you:

  • Store all documents regardless of age
  • Would like to develop a document retention schedule
  • Have questions about how long you are required to keep documents
  • Are conducting an annual or periodic purge of customer or patient files
  • Routinely destroy documents according to a corporate retention schedule
  • Are moving your office
  • Are moving stored documents from your home or public storage locker
  • Need a one-time pick up of purged documents
  • Want to replace time consuming shredding with secure in-office destruction bins
  • Are running out of space for inactive or lapsed files

  • Creditable environmental responsibility

    When we recycle our client's shredded documents, we are proudly supporting the manufacture of recycled paper products. Whenever two 30 - gallon LA Records consoles are filled, our clients are saving the equivalent of one tree. By using our services you participate in the growing effort to save millions of trees annually worldwide.
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