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Duplium provides a wide variety of services for large volume DVD Replication and DVD R replication in Canada and the US. DVD, Digital Versatile Disc, is the next generation optical disc storage technology. Since it is a bigger, faster CD that can hold video as well as audio and computer data, DVD duplication is ideal for materializing your creative vision. The DVD became the most successful consumer electronics product of all time in less than three years of its introduction. Your DVD duplication project will benefit from the stunning video resolution and audio performance that the DVD medium delivers. It has revolutionary capacity, speed, quality, and versatility.

There are numerous DVD formats that may be suitable for your DVD replication project. The three most common are DVD-5 (single side, single layer), DVD-9 (single side, dual layer), and DVD-10 (double-side, single layer).

Duplium combines industry leading professional DVD replication software with the latest DVD production hardware to produce the best quality DVD replication for our valued customers. As always, working with Duplium means that your vision will get to market exactly the way it was intended, with value-added service at every step of the DVD duplication project.

From DVD packaging to DVD silk screening and labeling, Duplium creatively adds those perfect finishing touches to your DVD replication vision. Take a look at our DVD Specifications and Templates located in Formats & Forms for guidance on where to place your graphics.

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