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Start your own business with TABASCO® brand specialty merchandise - Part-Time to Full-Time-Set your own hours

Our business opportunity is very simple to operate, requires no selling*, and you can set your own hours. Your products are sold by local retailers. Simply order TABASCO® merchandise as needed and restock merchandise that has been sold from your displays.

Specialty Marketing Systems will provide you with the necessary training and accounts to successfully get your business up and running immediately, and provide you with the necessary ongoing support for you to successfully operate and grow your business.

This program is extremely successful for several reasons:

1. Quick startup with low investment and overhead.
2. Business revenue starts from day one, no waiting to build a customer base.
3. Invoices paid at each restocking creates immediate cash flow.
4. Our "Expansion Program" offers financial incentive to you as you expand your business
5. TABASCO® has immediate name recognition, and
6. Specialty Representatives are limited to one per area.

Over the years Tabasco has developed an extensive line of TABASCO® apparel, gift and specialty food products that are not distributed by their food brokers, therefore, leaving a void in the marketplace.

Specialty Marketing Systems has been asked to help fill this void in the marketplace. Our unique marketing program combined with TABASCO'S established market share and strong brand recognition makes this program a sure winner!

This business involves the retail sales business and it requires effort! The more you put into it the better results you will see. Although you do not actively sell products, you are required to meet with retailers to service and establish your accounts.
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