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As the premier direct seller of essential kitchen tools and part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of businesses, The Pampered ® has been helping families prepare quick, delicious meals since 1980.

Multipurpose tools are the cornerstone of an efficient kitchen, and the company is committed to developing timesaving tools, tips and recipes that enhance shared mealtime and suit busy lifestyles. Products are designed to be used in more than one way, so kitchens are no longer cluttered with rarely used utensils.

Pampered Chef sets its mission as providing opportunities for individuals to develop their God-given talents and skills to their fullest potential for the benefit of themselves, their families, our customers and the company.

The Pampered Chef®, founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher and part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of businesses, is the premier direct seller of high-quality kitchen tools. The Pampered Chef's sales force of independent Pampered ® Consultants offer multipurpose kitchen tools, demonstrate easy food preparation techniques and share recipes that can help you entertain with style and ease - transforming the simple to the spectacular.

Distribution: Products are sold primarily through in-home cooking demonstrations known as Cooking Shows.

At your cooking show you'll help others:

  • Spend less time in the kitchen
  • Connect with family and friends
  • Learn tips that make their busy lives easier
  • Have fun trying out great products
  • Enjoy mouth-watering recipes that tast and look great and are oh-so-easy to create

  • Structure: Direct Sales. There are eight levels of field management progressing from Pampered Chef® Consultant to National Executive Director.
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