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The VBC isn't just a new business card. It's a 21st Century, highly effective, marketing tool that uses the business card as its vehicle. J.D. Rockefeller said to be successful "Take something common and make it uncommon." If the VBC doesn't meet that description, we don't know what does. The VBC provides a positive response by just handing them to people. Our clients are always hearing comments like "Wow, what a great idea” and "Can I keep this?”

The market potential for the VBC becomes even more exciting when you consider how affordable it is. The VBC cost less than a typical 4-8 page brochure. In fact, our clients are putting their brochures on their VBCs and their customers can print the brochure directly from the VBC, which saves the client money and makes the brochure more unique and interesting.

Our distributors are trained in assisting their clients in every aspect of creating a Video Business Card that becomes a highly effective marketing tool. Distributors aren't just selling a product; they are providing a value-added service by helping their clients increase their sales and profits.

We did not create the biz-card size CD; we created a way to produce an affordable CD with original video of the business person, not just some generic, stock footage, or boring graphics. Our VBC contains a personal video message from the business owner or professional (MD, Lawyer, etc.) explaining the benefits of doing business with him or her. That's our unique selling advantage.

We are providing a rare opportunity and a vehicle to help distributors achieve their financial goals. We have a proven track record of training hundreds of distributors to build successful businesses. We are not looking for videographers, that's the easy part. We are seeking people who are sales and marketing oriented. Experience is not as important as your ability to recognize, and be on the forefront of a trend setting product.

If you have the passion to succeed in your own business, we can teach you how to build a successful distributorship, that's our expertise. If you share our vision, we would like to talk with you. We need talented people to become part of the 21st Century team that takes something common and makes it uncommon.

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