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MergerNetwork is an online market for buyers and sellers of businesses.

Benefits for Buyers

If you're a buyer, MergerNetwork can greatly reduce the hours you spend searching for a business to buy.

MergerNetwork is a fantastic time-saver for buyers. Here's why:

  • Personalized Workspace

  • With MergerNetwork, you have a personalized workspace where you can save listings that interest you, write notes to yourself about listings, keep copies of your correspondence with sellers, and even block the listings of specific sellers.

  • Matchlisting™ Recommendations System

  • MergerNetwork tracks your viewing patterns and uses collaborative filtering technology (like that used by Amazon and Netflix) to recommend listings to you. Instead of bombarding you with a huge number of listings every week, MergerNetwork selects a handful of listings that closely match your interests.

  • OnePass™ Screening System

  • MergerNetwork's OnePass screening system allows you to save and delete the listings you view. MergerNetwork then excludes these listings from your searches, so you don't have to see the same listings over and over again.

  • Market Strength Reports

  • MergerNetwork's market strength reports show buyer and seller activity in over 300 industry and geographic segments of the business for sale market.

  • Ratio Reports

  • MergerNetwork's Ratio Reports show the distribution of price to sales, price to earnings, and other financial statistics within 80+ industries

    Benefits for Sellers

    If you're a seller, MergerNetwork can help you sell a business faster, with much less effort and expense.

    MergerNetwork is a fantastic marketing tool for sellers. Here's why:

  • It's Free

  • Unlike other web sites that charge you up to $200 to advertise a business for two months, MergerNetwork is free. There are absolutely no listing fees or commissions, and no limits on the number of businesses that you can list. MergerNetwork can do this because it gets almost all of its revenues from membership fees paid by buyers.

  • Huge Audience Of Buyers

  • MergerNetwork has over 200,000 registered members and over 80% of them are buyers. According to, the MergerNetwork web site had 101,769 unique US visitors in May 2007, which ranks it second among all business for sale web sites worldwide.

  • Screens Out Unqualified Buyers

  • Unlike other web sites, MergerNetwork requires buyers to pay a membership fee to view the contact information for listings. This effectively screens out buyers who aren't serious about buying a business and who can waste a lot of your time with requests for information. According to one seller who advertises on all of the leading web sites, 90% of the inquiries that she receives on MergerNetwork come from serious buyers versus about 10% for other sites.

  • Proactive Marketing

  • MergerNetwork doesn't wait for buyers to find your listing on their own, which may or may not happen. Instead, MergerNetwork uses its advanced MatchListing technology to find the best buyers for your business and then it recommends your business to these buyers. MergerNetwork is the only web site to proactively market listings in this way.

  • Research Tools

  • MergerNetwork has an excellent slate of research tools, including Market Strength Reports and Ratio Reports. Use them to price your business and improve the responses to your listing.

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