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Stop crime with Pro-Vigil's security systems. We'd like to give you the crime-fighting advantage at your construction site, parking lot, warehouse, college or anywhere else you require security system surveillance.

Pro-Vigil's live video surveillance service stops criminal incidents before they happen with crime deterrents like sirens, strobes and shouts of warning. We call police or other security agents as the situation demands.

Gain a sustainable edge and find out why we're the #1 live video surveillance choice for crime fighters across America.

  • Pro-Active, Mobile and 24/7
  • Mobile Video Surveillance
  • 24/7 Live Remote Monitoring
  • Software-Assisted Intrusion Detection
  • Pro-Active Intervention
  • Web Interface with Live Feeds and Video Archives

  • Pro-Vigil security system solutions meet your live surveillance needs with the following features:

  • Highest Camera to Monitor Ratio in the Industry
  • Guard Replacement/Reduction/Enhancement
  • Take-Anywhere Security Units
  • On-Site Delivery and Installation
  • Pro-Active Crime Intervention
  • Live Web Access - Watch With Us
  • Web Video Archives
  • Safety Compliance Monitoring

  • Pro-Vigil stops unwanted incidents before they happen, from crime to lax productivity to possible emergencies. Here's how Pro-Vigil works:

    1) Install Pro-Vigil's Total-Coverage Surveillance System
    First, a Pro-Vigil surveillance technician visits your site and identifies the appropriate equipment and tactical surveillance points that will fulfill your security surveillance needs. Within five days, we install the system.

    2) Engage the Pro-Vigil Surveillance Force
    Once we've installed your surveillance system, your dedicated Pro-Vigil Surveillance Force team members begin watching your site for unwanted intrusions or other activities. We arm the live surveillance team with motion-detecting software that outlines movement in bright green so that it stands out. When the software detects motion, the surveillance team member must note whether it's a false alarm or a true intrusion.

    3) The Pro-Vigil Three-Point Incident Prevention Cycle
    When the Pro-Vigil Surveillance Force detects unwanted activity on your property, they simultaneously notify their supervisors and trigger on-site shouts of warning. They then start the strobe lights and sirens to drive the intruder away. Finally, if the situation warrants it, the surveillance team member notifies the proper authorities.

    Within eight seconds, we have either driven the intruder away or called the police, effectively enhancing vehicle burglary and theft prevention, among other concerns.
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