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How To Get Your Company Listed on

Getting your company and/or product listed on is simple and free. And with over 1,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs visiting each day, it's a smart move, too.
Free Listings
In order to get a free listing in the directory, you'll need to have a web-based affiliate program in place that pays commissions. Referrals and sales made through your company listing can be tracked and we make money only when you sign up a new customer or make a sale via a click from
Here's what we need to get your listing up and running:
1) The webpage where we can sign up to become an affiliate for your product(s).
2) Your company logo
3) A few paragraphs, bullet points and graphics or screenshots you'd like on your company page. The more information you can provide that will entice visitors to click over to your website and find out more, the better your listing will perform. You can even provide the raw html code, as long as it does not contain any active code such as PHP, Javascript or the like.
Featured Vendor Listings for $99 per month
If you don't have a web-based affiliate program, you can purchase a Featured Vendor listing for $99 per month. A Featured Vendor Listing offers several upgraded features for your company listing:
1) Leads: daily spreadsheets of contact information for small business owners who have requested information in your Category
2) Higher placement: larger, top-of-page placement in your Category
3) Links: direct links to your company website and/or landing page (no affiliate program necessary)
To get started, email Tim Bourquin at: